Why Choose Serviced Apartments Not Hotels

Aurealis Singapore service apartment

There are a ton of choices when it comes to accommodation at Singapore.The country is well facilitated with large number of hotels which function 24×7, however hotel bookings have become a thing of the past, thanks to the emergence of service apartments. In the beginning Service apartments where generally used by corporate travelers who fly to different countries for meetings, seminars and for other corporate stuff.

But nowadays even common people have started to prefer service apartments over hotels because the former gives a feel at home. In Singapore, one cannot find a better service apartment other than the Aurealis. It is situated at Marina Bay and it is well connected with all possible means of metro transport. The Aurealis is literally a dream come true spot for various tourists and corporate travelers visiting Singapore. It has the following facilities which are at par with Expensive Hotels due to which people prefer Service apartments over Hotels

  • Feel At Home

Travelers would always like to have a feel at home. Service apartments have a living room, kitchen-dining room, bedrooms as per requirement along with attached bathroom facility. This arrangement is quite similar to what we would find in our homes. On the contrary hotel rooms are quite compact & generally comes with small living room, bedroom and bathroom.

  • Food

What else can make you feel at home than cooking your own food ? As you might have seen above,Service apartments have Kitchens, which means you can cook your own food. In hotels, you get to choose only from the option available in the menu card.
Moreover cooking your own food can cut down expenses and can save you from food poisoning which is a quite common aftermath of eating hotel food.

  • For Corporate Travellers

You can request for a corporate suite and get everything from Ultra fast laser printers to Blazing fast WiFi internet .A large number of Transport facilities are available, therefore reaching your company on time is no big deal.

  • Management

Service Apartments are managed only by professionals unlike hotels wherein even trainees are alloted a position to deal with complex situations.For e.g Flexible allotments of extra beds in case of a visitor is quite easy unlike in hotels.

  • Security

Service Apartments primarily consider security of their guests. No can call the reception and see whether you have checked in unless you allow them to.Anyone who wishes to visit you in your suite has to undergo standard security procedure before letting in your suite. Anyone coming in or going out cannot escape the CCTV cameras.

  • Pricing

Service Apartments are booked for a duration with a package unlike the per day pricing found in hotels. A large family can easily enjoy a long stay together in a service apartment whereas in hotels, two or more separate rooms have to be booked which can spoil the fun.

To wrap up, f you are a corporate traveler or a tourist, coming together with your family and planning to have a long stay then opt for a Service apartment, especially Aurealis if you are visiting Singapore. But if you are traveling alone & planning to stay for a shorter period, then choose a hotel room that suits your need.